HESFIBEL SUBSEA CABLES | Submarine Cables & Services


Hesfibel was established in Kayseri, Turkey in 1990 with the goal of producing Submarine Fiber Optic Cable, Submarine Power Cables


From the very beginning, Hesfibel has been a leader in defining the undersea cable industry. We continue that proud tradition today as we drive ever-improving quality and efficiency of undersea data transmission. Hesfibel designs, manufactures, deploys, maintains, and operates mode networks with an industry-leading track record for delivery and performance, providing the most comprehensive technical and marine expertise, with the highest quality, and most reliable solutions


From 1998, Hesfibel developed offshore service provider to copy with demanding requirements of customers around the World, specialized in Submarine Cable & Flexible Pipeline Installation and maintenance with DP Vessels, ROVs and other suitable equipment


We have secured and upgraded our spreads through the continuous development and acquisition of technologies to include high-end technology into our services, and we have laid the foundations to advance forward as a "Total Marine Solution Provider"


Having obtained advanced technology machines, qualified laboratories, and the work force with know-how, we are committed to provide our customers with the quality products and the best service on time


By continuing its investments and improving its production on a balanced basis, Hesfibel aims to provide employment opportunities and reach a high level of customer satisfaction and serve the inteational economy at this way


We hope you will continue to share in mutual prosperity and success





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