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Offshore Oil Gas Hardware Subsea Umbilical

Subsea Umbilical Distribution Unit

Sudu (subsea umbilical distribution unit) are used to distribute the controls from topside platform via umbilical, terminated with subsea termination model, mounting onto the sudu structure. The control and supply lines for both electrical and hydraulic are connected via the connectors through the subsea jumpers, linking to the subsea control module.

The typical design life of the sudu is to suit the requirements up to 30 years.

Hesfibel is able supply the mud mat base of sudu and suit to the seabed condition



Technical Specification

Connecting the system from topside to subsea . Linking hydraulic and electrical lines System secured on the mud mat base structure. Applicable forsubsea operation Cathodic Protecti on: Aluminum sacrificial anodes

DimensionsofSUDU: 1000x900x2400mm Work life not less than 30years

Adjustable to client needs


Buoyancy Module

The Buoyancy module is used to provide the up-thrust force to support the lazy wave configuration of the umbilical line below the exit point from the production platform . The product is the split type design to allow on-site installation on the specified design length and it is also suitable for the subsea operation for the design life.

Hesfibel is able to supply a customized specifications and provide the assembly tools to support all installation requirements



Technical Specification

Supporting the cable lazy wave configuration

High gripping force to suit the dynamic load

Fast installation on installation vessel

Clamping Capability: Designed to suit the design life operation

Body Material : Polyurethane base

Working life not less than 25 years

Adjustable to client needs

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