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Submarine Cable Laying Service

Submarine  Power Cable Installation  & Maintenance

HESFIBEL carries out installation and maintenance of submarine power cables which connect islands and mainland, offshore, nearshore, port facilities, and other places requiring electric power. The company is highly recognized for its unrivalled technologies and EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Construction) experiences from major clients



Cable laying depth: 0.5 - 3

Positioning/ traction winch: 20T x 4/200 x 1

Total power: 2630 KW

Hydraulic crane: 30t@18m

Overall length: 62m

Molded breadth: 19

Molded depth: 3m

Deck load capacity: 3T/m2



Cable load: 5000 t

Cable diameter range:(/) 50-320mm

Operating water depth: 0-lO0m

Rudder paddle power: 2700 hp x 1

Crane: 45t

Overall length: 86.0m

Molded breadth: 27.Sm

Molded depth: 5.Sm

Ship-shifting winch: 52t x 2+35t x 6

Cable laying depth: 0.5-3. Sm

Cable laying speed: 0-20m/min


Renewable Energy

​In line with its strategy of business diversification toward the offshore renewable energy development area, HESFIBEL launched the Wave Power Development Business in 2009 and took part in the Current Power Development Project in 2010. From 2010 HESFIBEL Focus Develop Submarine Cable Laying Service for Renewable Energy. With our extensive experience, you can choose HESFI BEL as a total service provider for grid connections


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