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As one of the most competitive underwater fiber optic cable companies, HESFI BEL offers submarine fiber optic cable, ocean fiber optic cable and tailored submarine undersea fiber optic cable  as  well.  Choosing HESFI BEL as your premier underwater fiber optic cable manufacturer, and our best subsea fiber optic cable for your submarine installations.


  • Designed for both the repeater and non-repeater system
  • Laid in seabed up to 8000m water depth
  • Undersea fiber optic cable customization design available
  • Unlimited undersea fiber optic cable length
  • UJ & UQJ certified submarine optic fiber cable
  • Over 5000km undersea optical fiber cables were installed worldwide






Ocean Fiber Optic Cable

Ocean fiber optic cable can be directly laid under the sea at 8000m. Hesfibel underwater fiber optic cable qualified to withstand the harsh submarine environments


Subsea Fiber Optic Cable

Modern fiber-optic technology makes subsea fiber optic cable transfer the telecommunications signal at extreme rates. Choose us as your premier underwater fiber optic cable manufacturers



Submarine Optical Unrepeated Factory Joint Box


Joint Box is suitable for submarine optical armor cable joint.

It can be used in the following two situations


Planned Joint Box {Integrate in factory)

The joint between design cable segment

The cable transition joint


Unplanned Joint Box

The accidental joint during cable manufacturing

Engineering repair(Accident during cable laying)



Joint box can be revised according to the cable specification, so it can meet the needs of different customers

The Joint Box has very good anti-corrosion and sealing performance, so it can be applied to different sea areas

The jointing time of 48 or less fiber cores cable is not more than 6h

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